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Ikarie XB-1 is now available.
Based on an early novel by Stanislaw Lem (author of “SOLARIS”), it details the journey (in 2163) of a group of space colonists who are exploring Alpha Centari for signs of intelligent life in the universe.

The trip will take them 2 years, but 15 years will have gone by on earth. The crew has to deal with the emotional reality that much of the lives of their loved ones will have changed dramatically. Additionally, the crew’s own interpersonal relationship are mutating. The longer they go, the stranger the trip gets. An alien ship and a dark star are not only physical threats, but psycological ones too. And then there's the White Planet.
Ikarie XB 1 was shown at the 1963 Trieste Science Fiction Film Festival
and was a smash. It has been cited as a major influence on 2001 and has
been a seminal influence for over 50 years. Ikarie XB 1 is a Stanley Kubrick film as directed by Fellini.

This is the  Uncut Version of the film and is the original Czech language.
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