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Video Dimensions has been the source for foreign classics, silents and specialized movies for 39 years.

We were first to bring these films to the home market when we began marketing videotapes in 1978.

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Ask The Inspector (Maigret, that is).

  1. The first film starring Gabin as Inspector Maigret sets a high bar for the films that followed. Gabin was perfect as the detective with a world weary view.
    Maigret Sets A Trap
    Maigret Tend Un Piège
  2. Maigret's childhood friend, the Contessa St. Fiacre, has been receiving threats from someone unknown and Inspector Maigret is her only hope of stopping them.
    Maigret And The St. Fiacre Affair
    Maigret et L'affaire Saint-Fiacre
  3. Jean Gabin returns for his final outing as Maigret and this time he mixes it up with the Mafia. There's no need to ask who's the winner when Maigret is on the case!
    Maigret Sees Red
    Maigret Voit Rouge